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Re: Rose

Hi Rose
My mothers first name was Rose, but she never used it till my father died.
She used a Nickname, that her parents had given her I guess.
I fact, all her married life she used her husbands name, Mrs Wilbur
Sinclair. I asked her about it many times, untill she got tired of me asking
I guess and started using her own name.
My daughters second name is Rose.

Ken W Sinclair

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> I have just read Nivens letter re Margaret Sinclair and can't help adding
> own "tuppence". 50 years ago when I was a wee girl of 11, my little sister
> was born. Our Father was James Irvine Sinclair from St. Margarets Hope,
> Orkney.  My Mother and I tried to think of a name which was not in the
> family and settled on Margaret Rosalind Sinclair. We later realised that
> only did Dad come from St. Margarets Hope, he also had a Sister who still
> lived there in a house called Roselea,and was called
> In those days Orkney was the other end of the world as far as we were
> concerned as we were poor.
> To add to the "coincidence" my daughter Heidi. called her first daughter
> Roselea..... Roselea is now almost She started writing short stories when
> she was 10 and her heroine was called Rosebelle. She now "runs" her own
> Equestrian Centre called Rose Acres.as she is madly into ponies.
   My Father had a tattoo on his arm with a pink
> Rose on. When I had grown up I found out that my Father had lost his first
> wife Rose in childbirth. My Mother was called Warder Rosalaid Wells.
> What  I am trying to say, I guess is that sometimes 2+2=5.  Margaret was
> also the fourth child.
> Yours in kinship  Mary Jean Sinclair.

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