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Re: Pierre Elliot Trudeau

I have just read Nivens letter re Margaret Sinclair and can't help adding my
own "tuppence". 50 years ago when I was a wee girl of 11, my little sister
was born. Our Father was James Irvine Sinclair from St. Margarets Hope,
Orkney.  My Mother and I tried to think of a name which was not in the
family and settled on Margaret Rosalind Sinclair. We later realised that not
only did Dad come from St. Margarets Hope, he also had a Sister who still
lived there in a house called Roselea,and was called Maggie...i.e,Margaret.
In those days Orkney was the other end of the world as far as we were
concerned as we were poor.
To add to the "coincidence" my daughter Heidi. called her first daughter
Roselea.....I spent a year working there and got to know some of my Fathers
friends and Heidi enjoyed going to see Auntie Maggie and her daughters and
fell in love with the house.
Roselea is now almost 13 and is a computer whiz. She has Cystic Fibrosis and
is the bravest little lady I know. She started writing short stories when
she was 10 and her heroine was called Rosebelle. She now "runs" her own
Equestrian Centre called Rose Acres.as she is madly into ponies.
I lived in Stirling for 15 years and never knew about Rosslyn until last
year.....4 years after leaving Scotland and only visited for the first time
last year whilst visiting my friends in Stirling.
Even stranger is the fact that my Father had a tattoo on his arm with a pink
Rose on. When I had grown up I found out that my Father had lost his first
wife Rose in childbirth. My Mother was called Warder Rosalaid Wells.
My Sister  married Paul Ellis and their only son is Steven..for no
particular reason.
What  I am trying to say, I guess is that sometimes 2+2=5.  Margaret was
also the fourth child.
Yours in kinship  Mary Jean Sinclair.

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