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Re: Prince Henry in the New World

Dear Friends,

The lasting effect of Earl Henry's voyage isthe vivid memory, traesured by
the Mi'kmaq people andthe St Clairs, ofthe only lasting contact between
Native Americans and Europeans based upon the principles of tolerance,
mutual respectand shared values. Principles celebrated with dignity and
affection just two short weeks ago.

In this troubled world, these principles and their continuence are of a far
higher value than the dubious values of the doubters, the materialists and
racists of this world. Rita Joe and Grand Chief Sylliboy both confirmed the
fact of Henry's voyages andwere moved by the lsating alliance between their
people and the St Clairs - which, in the light of their troubled history of
betrayl and despoilation at the hands of the Europeans, is truly and example
to be treasured.

Best wishes


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