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Re: Prince Henry in the New World

Dear Sinclair:
One permanent effect might be the very one that was celebrated in
Guysborough on September 9 2000, viz.:
that it might  be possible for one group to meet another without fear and
loathing, without the need for claiming land or religious and moral
superiority.  That it might be possible instead to greet each other as equal
beings inhabiting a single earth sphere with a willingness to share material
goods in a spirit of good will as brothers and sisters.  As the man said "To
judge people not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their
We are talking about this 600 years later  --- a lasting impact by any
standard and a lesson well worth the learning if only we would learn it.
In this context, settlements ain't necessarily a "consumation devoutly to be

Rory in Toronto.

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