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Re: St Clairs of the Isles--Copying?

Great, I would love a copy myself. There are at least 7 Sinclairs here that 
would love there own copy. Has anyone heard of a book called the Early Annals 
of Greenock., written by Archibald Brown, printed by the Pollock Co. in 1905. 
I just came upon this book yesterday as I was going though my father-in-laws 
things that he left to his son. The book is very old and barley held 
together. There is a note attached in the book that says " in this book look 
for the man called leisk, a ship builder and he was your Grandmother Annie 
Morrow Sinclairs  Father, your great, great Grandfather. This is the first I 
have heard of this name, does anyone have any info that would be helpful.     
Thanks Laura Sinclair
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