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Re: Pictures of last weekend's celebrations

Dear Friends,

I have just received the following message from John:


Thanks for the pictures.  They all bounced to the list owner (me)
because of the size of the messages.

You may be familiar with these points from the list introduction:

     * If you want to send pictures for all on the list to see, it is
       often better to send them to the [37]maintainer of the web pages
       rather than posting them to the list.
     * Even better, post your pictures in your own web pages and post the
       URL to the list.

I've put your pictures in

If they look OK to you there, please send a note to the list announcing
that URL.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>

If you click on each individual picture, they enlarge to nearly fullscreen
size. I hope that they willbring back happy memories to all who attended and
give come flavour of the events to those who were unable to get there.

Best wishes


P.s. you will be glad to note that I do not figure in any of them!

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