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Re: Gilliscap/Glooscap.

Dear Friends,

John's recent comments re 'where is the evidence' forGillisacp are highly
pertinent. Until recentlynoneof ushad ever heard of him. However he is worth
following up, although whether to include himor exclude him remains to be
seen. As to the Glooscap legends, it might pay us all to remeber that these
are a significant part of the creation mythology not only of the Miq'maq
people, but also ofthe entire Algonquin federation and Pohl's apparent
'hi-jacking' of them may well prove to have been an excess of zeal on his
part. It is certainly possible that an exploit of Henry St Clair may have
been incorporated into the legends, but claim that he is the sole, or even
the principal foundation for this mass of myth and legend is unjustified.

Best wishes


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