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Re: Recent criticism of authors

Where pray is the Ayre Hotel, and the Albert Hotel on Orkney? Also do you
have their Tel No. so we can book in.

Ian Sinclair
Noss head

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Subject: Re: Recent criticism of authors

> Dear Friends,
> A presentation entitled 'From Eynhallow to Nova Scotia' is to be given at
> the Ayre Hotel on Sunday September 3rd from 7.30-10pm as part to the
> Science Festival. The presenters will be led by Niven Sinclair assisted by
> Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins and will deal with the the
> pre-Columbian voyages of Earl Henry St Clair of Orkney to America which
> place between 1395 and 1400.
> On the Monday Eveneing at the Albert Hotel a debate will take place on the
> dating of the Turin Shroud. The proposition 'That this house believs that
> the Shroud of Turin is a Medieval artifact' will be led by Dr. Robert
> and seconded by Chris Knight. The opposing view will be given by Dr. Tim
> Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins.
> After these events, Niven, Tim and Marilyn will be flying to Halifax to
> part in the celebration of Laura's arrival.
> Best wishes
> Tim
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