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Re: Sinclair History

Hi Roy,
Many thanks for your message.  Phil Keat is my 1st cousin and I didn't know he was so interested in the research!  I will certainly e-mail him.  I will also keep in mind to keep you posted as to what we discover.  Thanks again!
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Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 11:03 PM
Subject: Sinclair History

Hello Katherine,
         Your inquiry re the Sinclairs' Philip Keating  is a descendant from the Sinclair family at Pidgeon Bay and has just recently received a lot of info from a recently deceased Aunt. Phillips' address is Pakala@aol.com and lives somewhere near you, I am certain Philip will help you fill in the gaps,I will watch research with interest as at the moment  here in NZ we are establishing a Sinclair Clan and your results could be of interest to members. Best of Luck.
                                                                         Roy Sinclair  DUNEDIN New Zealand