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A Safe Journey

To all of my cousins going to Sinclair 2000. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. 
I hope the bloody mindedness of us all will take a back seat to the heritage 
and history that awaits. I want all of you to return, healthy, with details 
of the land of our grandfathers and grandmothers. It's been a year now since 
I was in Scotland, I am envious and excited for you.

I just returned from a week in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I spent the 
last day of vacation in the hospital, it's good to be home. My birthday is 
tomorrow, and I am looking forward to SINCLAIR DATES to see what has happened 
on that day in the past. 

A very special greeting to cousin Laurel, we love you.

Donald & Judy Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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