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Re: Hawai'i Sinclairs

Greetings from Australia. Wish we had known of you when we had our brief encounter with Hawaii. Three nights and two full days at Turtle Beach  and it was magic.
I'm not the geneologist and historian but I have been to Roslyn and it is wonderful; and I agree- when the pupil is ready - th teacher appears. Niven is my father's first cousin so that is my line, and we are trying to clarify where that started a couple of generatiions back.  God luck with your investigating.
Jean Sinclair Stokes

At 08:50 PM 18/07/00 -1000, you wrote:
Greetings from Hawai'i....I am new to the list, well fairly new-I've been lurking behind the scenes for a few weeks and have been thoroughly enjoying all the conversation.   I am new to researching my ancestry and am fortunate that my mother pieced together a great deal up to a point.  So I am asking for assistance from anyone for information about the ancestry of Captain Francis Sinclair.   His father was Sir George Sinclair.  I am wanting to learn about my ancestry from Captain Francis Sinclair back to whenever!  Here is a little bit about the Hawai'i Sinclairs.....
I am the g-g-g granddaughter of Captain Francis Sinclair (b. ?/?/1797 in Edinburgh) and Elizabeth "Eliza" McHutcheson Sinclair,
(b. 4/26/1800 in Glasgow) who left Scotland in 1839 and settled in Pigeon Bay, New Zealand.  Francis and their eldest son, George, were lost at sea in 1846 on a trip to Wellington.  They made many attempts to find them but found nothing.  Eliza was 46 at the time.  They stayed in NZ until the spring of 1863. After purchasing a 300 ton barque named Bessie, Captain Thomas Gay who was married to Eliza's eldest daughter, Jean Robertson (b. 3/?/1823 in Stirling),  sailed them to Hawai'i  where they purchased the island of Ni'ihau from King Kamehameha in 1864 and some years later purchased a large pie-shaped piece of land (from the top of the mountain to the shore called an ahupua'a in Hawaiian) on the island of Kaua'i from the King.  Francis and Eliza's daughter, Helen McHutcheson (b. 5/?/1826 in Stirling), married Charles Barrington Robinson while in NZ.  Their son, Aubrey (my g-grandfather) was born in NZ and married his first cousin, Alice Gay(born 3/17/1865 on Ni'ihau), daughter of Captain Thomas & Jean Gay.  Aubrey and Alice Robinson had 5 children, Sinclair (they always pronounced it Sinkler), Selwyn, Alymer, Lester and Eleanor.  Sinclair was my grandfather.  To this day, there are many of us who still live on the piece of land on Kaua'i purchased by Eliza.  We grow sugar on about 7,000 acres and we also have a cattle ranch!  The island of Ni'ihau is presently owned by my cousins Bruce & Keith Robinson.  Have I bored you endlessly?  There is so much more to this story but this is it in a nutshell!
I am very proud of my heritage and thrilled to be included on this list with so many fine people.  You know things happen not by accident but by Nature, God, Spirit, whatever you choose to call it, working in wondrous ways.  I recently met Jimmy Cosmo, an actor from Scotland, a star in my favorite movie, Braveheart, who told me of the Sinclair Clan website which somehow routed me to this discussion list.  A week after meeting Jimmy I was in our local bookstore looking for I can't remember what and I was literally pulled over to a table with soft cover books where a book stared at me....no other book did I see....but "Rosslyn, Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail" by Tim Wallace-Murphy.   You know the saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears!"  Well, I was ready!  I have completed reading "Rosslyn" and am on to "Rex Deus".  I am honored to be on this list with the likes of Tim, Katherine Kurtz, Malcolm Sinclair, Niven Sinclair and Ian Sinclair.  When I read all of your messages, I realize how much I don't know about the Sinclairs and the history of Scotland and about how much I am enjoying this adventure of learning where I come from and reading all of your stories.  What a fascinating group! 
I have been in touch with Malcolm, Niven and Ian Sinclair and while they are consumed with the Clan Gathering this month, they have been most helpful in pointing me in the direction of where to find more information.  Have any of you ever heard of Captain Francis Sinclair or his father, Sir George Sinclair?  I believe George was from Prestonpans.  
Thank you so much for any assistance you can offer.
Aloha pumehana,
Katherine A. Weir

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