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Catherine Sinclair and David Sutherland

Hi folks,
Just on the eve of our departure for the UK, I was going through old
information, and found a copy of a letter dated Jan 31, 1935, from
MooseJaw, Saskatchewan, regarding
the above two. I think someone was recently asking about it.   The
writing is very difficult to read, but not impossible.  I'm mentioning
this now, because I'll need someone to jog my memory after the Sinclair
These two came out to Lanark County, Canada, and had 12 children. It
seems they settled in a place they called "Sinclair Corners" . Does this
sound familiar to anyone?

I don't have time to retype it right now, but its a lovely letter, with
lots of family names.
Somebody, please claim it!

We are so looking forward to the Millenium Gathering, and meeting so
many of you
after these years of corresponding!  I know its going to be great fun.
Last weekend, I
co-chaired a gathering of Islay descendants, and we had a blast!  We met
at Guelph,
Ontario.  The archives at Guelph Univ.  are fantastic, the best
collection of Scottish material outside
of Scotland.  We even saw a letter written by Henry Sinclair, dated
14something, with
his seal on it (I think Rory has seen it).  We obtained a photocopy,
which we'll bring with us.

I'm rambling, and should be packing!
Toni S.

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