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Re: Jokes-Personal reply off list on list or..where-ever...

It seems to me that the Sinclair list is getting a  little heavy handed of
late. We have taken offence at "business codes", now a  piece of very
puerile schoolboy humour.
Are we such a "dour clan" that we cannot tolerate mistakes?

If this be true, tyhen maybe we needto  be more tolerant of oth0wers2000
.............as  gran.d1daughter has just shown me  not bad for 9 months .
 Cousin Gord please don't let the guardians of our  "precision " drive you
away. We do need accidentals occasionally.
Jean Sinclair Stokes.

At 10:12 PM 8/07/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Ahhhhh..."Methinks the Gary doth protest Too much..."
>Your rapier wit was much needed, though, Sir Gary...for not only did a
>dolt like me offend some young innocent using your name in jest, but you
>had corrected the situation in less than a twinkling after the
>unfortunate though precocious lad was caught in my unforgiving sights.
>(under 15 minutes..no mean feat...and fortuitous!)
> There is something deeper here, though Sir. You seem to have great
>knowledge of me and my ruthless habits of attack attack and..heck..even
>More attack. Mrs. Holmes may have raised craven bullies, but none who
>knew of retreat nor manners! You have, for all to see , indicated most
>strongly: three points. One, although I have no Idea who you are..you
>well know me! Judgment flys from your fingers to your keyboard. Well
>Two...I have not confined my evil and spiteful ways to our personal
>dealings, Godfry Daniel,No! I am at the Fore front of judgmental
>behavior towards all, and to incur my wrath is a terrible thing. (and
>gosh darned easy to do If bodkin that I am, I understand your
>smokescreen reaoning!) Me, why I point out All the flaws in others..not
>a mere trifling 99 %,mind you...but the whole ball of wax, this
>time-everytime! Nato should be so lucky to have my kill rating.
>But...Meanwhile back here on earth...I don't wanna play anymore. I am
>leaving the page/board. It is not a matter of taking my ball and going
>home..I leave in your capable hands, "the ball". From this day forth let
>the trumpets cry out that once again this page is free to actually
>discuss things of import and that you are on the Vanguard, with your
>wealth of knowledge. Folks will not suffer at your hands...they will
>just enjoy your wisdom and the freedom to exchange ideas with you with
>no fear of sneers or rebuffs. You, Gary have the knowledge of the
>historian, the heart of the poet and the style of the mentor.
>To those of you who know me..you can always find me. I am going to
>continue to study Sinclair history and Whatever else passes through this
>zany brain of mine. John..I will give you my deepest thanks and my
>heartfelt farewells later, God Bless You!
>And, given the interpretations of what is funny here these days, if I
>develop a sense of humor..I'll keep it to myself...
>                                         Final Regards...Cousin Gord
>"Gary M. Sinclair, Harwich, Ma. USA" wrote:
>> Hi Gordon,
>> Thank you for your reply.  I expected three people to jump right on the
>> mistake and I am glad you did not disappoint me.
>> As you have proven in the past, your quick response to the mistakes of
>> others keeps you in the forefront of the list.  That you needed two
>> responses was unbelievable even to me.  Thank you for your considerate
>> remarks.  The 13 year old who sent the joke thanks you also. If you would
>> like to be part of the joke list feel free to ask as it is obvious you need
>> to lighten up a little.
>> As always, your help and worthwhile contributions are appreciated.  It is
>> nice to have someone who can point out all the flaws of others.

>> Regards,
>> Gary M. Sinclair
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