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Re: Books - observations on your comments

Dear Tim;
Following up on the stated proposoition of the Sword and the Grail (in
Andrew Sinclairs contention that these are connected with Prince Henry). I
had occassion to visit Lunenburg and view the cannons in person. There are
more than two but are replicas with one original source unknown. Now a
couple of observations on an attempt to reconstruct Lousiburg with the
original history. Nowhere in America were there more efforst made at greater
expense to replicate exactly the history with the science of the date and
time in history than Louisburg. Even the plants are attempted to be
replicated as were the clothes. worn. Now this means replicating the exact
materials from the original. Now this was possible for two reasons. The was
an attempt to be exact in replication, not similar or idential, but in so
far as possible very exact with the same marterials and measurements. In
this regard it is perhaps arguable the best archelogical site in all North
America. The second was that duplicate records existed about everything in
Paris in the military archives. So the site is not operating in ignorance
nor is the archivist.

Now two other observations. One the Prince Henry story is prominently
displyed in large public historical posters in the Municipal docks of
Lunenburg. It is generally believed in Nova Scotia that the Grand Banks
which gave Louisburg the status of 3rd largest settlement of its day in
North America, were because of the Cod fisheries ancient visiting spots for
europeans. They had been tapped by the Basques fisherman since 1200. So the
Prince Henry Story is not out of keeping with the local perspective of
history. Yes the cannon are mediteranian cira the 14th century and hence
contemporaneous with the history of Prince Henry, although not from any
archelogical site associated with him. The historical placques state that he
(Prince Henry visited near these shores in 1398. With compliments;
Neil Toronto

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> Dear Friends,
> The work done by Frederic Pohl in respect of the voyage by Henry St Clair
> and the surviving Zeno brother was vital in bringing this matter to the
> attention of the world. However, having said that, he made several serious
> errors and was not at that time party to information regarding the Newport
> Tower that has only recently cometo light. But, bearing in mind these
> andother limitations in his reserach, his work is still a good
> to the story - as is the more recent Sinclair Saga by Mark Finnan.
> Andrews book, The Sword and the Grail is not among his best and we
> cannot accept his ideas regarding the venetian cannon under any
> circumstances. These weapons were in general use until the 1540s and there
> are a large number of them in a variety of sites on the Eastern Seabord of
> America, which entirely invalidates his arguments built upon that somewhat
> shakey premis. Nonetheless, his book still has considerable merit - but
> in respect of the Henry Voyage.
> The book we are completeing, which has een re-scheduled for publication in
> the autumn of next year, has the balance about right in our opinion. It
> upset the American Academic establishment, who promote the view that there
> was no European contact with America before Columbus, almost as much as it
> will distress those who believe that Pohl's work is a form of 'Holy Writ'
> that cannot be questioned. In other words, we have written a work based
> solidly on fact, repscted scholarly opinion and hard archaeological work
> done by our goodfriend Jim Whittal, which can be defended against any
> argument. Our opinion is, of course partial, but you will have to wait
> untill publication day to form your own opinion.
> Best wishes
> Tim
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