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Re: Sinclair Dates

>Being a civil war buff i noticed the date of Meade defeating Lee as the 4th 
>of July, whereas i always thought it was the 3rd of July as hostilities ended 
>that evening?
> Vicksburg was surrendered to Grant on the 4th of July but Gettysburg, having 
>been fought on the 1st,2nd &3rd of July, was attributed as a victory to the 
>Union forces under General George Gordon  Meade on the 3rd . Just curiouis as 
>to your source
>for the date of the 4th?     Glenn M. 

It came from a book called Tides of War, which is basically a big timeline.
I don't know why it said 4 July; every other source says 3 July.  Thanks
for noting that.  I've changed it.

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