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Re: Castles

Here is a small sampling from a booklet I authored to my immediate family. 
This information was gleaned from "the Sword and the Grail", "Decesendants of 
George Sinclair Earl of Caithness for Ten Generations", Sources on the 
Discussion List, and from the works of Pete Cummins, who I think of often. 

I also want to list the lands that the family presided upon over the 
centuries they are, Roslyn, Shetland, Orkney, Mey, Dunbeath, Latheron, 
Pentland, Hempriggs, Berridale, Northfield, Murkle, Assery/Brawl bin, Forss, 
Crawford, Ulbster, Brabster, Brimms, Stemster, Barrock, Thursater, Keiss, 
Stirkoke, Broynach, Rattar, Canisbay, Duran, Olrig, Hoy, Bilbster, Golval, 
Lybster, Achingale, Thurso, and Wick. Most of these villages are in County 
Caithness, the center of the powerful clan.  

    The following is a list of titles the family had bestowed upon them. 
Knight of the Grail, Cupbearer, Earl of Shetland, Orkney, and Caithness, 
Baron of Pentland, Lord of Roslyn, Prince of Norway. Ambassador to France, 
Chancellor of Scotland, Admiral of Scotland, Commander of the Scottish Army, 
Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Sheriff of Haddington, Lothian, Edinburgh, 
and Dumfreis, Keeper of the Royal Forests, Grand Master Hunter of Scotland, 
Guardian of the Crowned Prince of Scotland, Warden of Marches, Master of all 
Machines and Artillery, The Queens Knight, Lord General Justice of Scotland, 
Royal Archer, Lord in Waiting to the Queen, Fellow of the Royal Society, 1st. 
Viscount of Thurso, and in W.W.II, Secretary of State for Air.

    Here is a list of the Castles, Keeps, and Haunts of Clan Sinclair. 
Rossyln Castle, Rosslyn Chapel, Ravenscraig Castle, Sinclair Castle ( this 
castle has a secret stairway and tunnel that leads to Sinclair’s Bay ), 
Girnigoe Castle ( this is where the dungeon is in which Earl George 
imprisoned Master John ), Castle of old Wick, Freswick House, Ackergill 
Tower, Castle Dunbeath, Brims Castle, Keiss Castle (site of the first meeting 
of the First Baptist Church of Scotland, founded by a Sinclair), Castle Mey ( 
now the summer home of Elizabeth, The Queen Mother ), Castle Kirkwall, 
Hempriggs House, Bilbster House, and St Magnus Cathedral.

I'm sure there are more. I hope this may answer some of your questions.

I honor of Canada Day and my Canadian cousins, I hoist a Labbat's Blue, 
thinking of you, and in the immortal words of my 6 year old nephew, Garrett, 

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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