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Sinclairs to Aust. on the ship Palmyra 1839.

Any information about the Sinclairs who arrived in Aust. on the ship Palmyra in 1839 would be more than gratefully received. Names from the passenger list of that ship are John, Christina, Catherine, Alan, Mary, Euphemia, Jean, and Margaret Sinclair. Slowly piecing together information as I have found it, I would understand that John and Christina were married and Alan was a baby of 2 or 3 months of age. I am having difficulty establishing the relationship of the other Sinclairs. There is strong connection between these Sinclairs and my gg. grandmother Catherine Cameron (9 or 10 years of age), who came out on the same ship, but is not named on the passenger list. John Sinclair for example, was a witness at the marriage of Catherine Cameron and my gg grandfather William Davis of Sixth Creek (later known as Cherryville). I would be absolutely delighted to establish contact with anyone who has any knowledge of these people. Very, very slowly, I am filling some of the gaps. But I believe gaining knowledge of the Sinclair family is a key to finding out something about Catherine Cameron, about whom we know almost nothing. 

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