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Re: Laura Zolo and the replication of the Zeno/St Clair voyage


>Despite my appalling spelling, I have been asked to by Niven, who is snowed
>under with work at the moment, to bring you up-to-date with recent events in
>Orkney in connection with Laura's re-creation of the St. Clair/Zeno voyage.

Tim and others may be relieved to know that I fixed his spelling in the
version of his article I just put in

His pictures are in

In addition, articles translated from the Italian that Niven sent me
are in

The translator I hired to make English out of them has now completed
the job, so you'll find Laura Zolo's own (translated) words about
several of the places and topics that Tim refers to.

Laurel Fechner and I have been collaborating on this material.  Laurel
is keeping a much more complete repository of Laura Zolo material in

There are links to there from my pages, and I'm sure Laurel will soon
have incorporated this new material into her pages as well.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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