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Christopher Columbus

Thanks Gordon,
    I did not mean to sound as if I supported the notion of Christopher
Columbus as being the man who discovered America.  He was confident that
he had landed in the East Indies until, I believe, his third voyage.
Terribly sorry if I did not express myself clearly but I was taught that
the Vikings simply discovered Nova Scotia and then left.  That is
certainly not what I believe since they did have settlements
established.  With regards to Columbus as an American hero I was
referring to his portrayal, even if false, as an imigrant, turned down
by his country, who used his intellect and entrepreneurial spirit to
discover a new land.  I don't agree with this image, but that is how I
have often seen him portrayed.  I was not aware that the Vikings had
made it as far south as the Carolinas.  Thanks for the
information.                  Robert William Goff

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