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Re: Christopher Columbus

Another aspect of the life of christopher Colombo which people conveniently 
circumnavigate is that he was of jewish extraction which brings me to a story 
more modern in its context but also quite funny!
I went to what has been described as the Catholic Eton, Downside School in 
Somerset for five blissful years. the School had Catholics from all over the 
world, England(naturally), France, The South americas, Italy, Spain... enfin 
the whole Catholic world.
The local town is Bath, and it is to this town that boys would repair to have 
some extracurricular (and illicit) fun.
On one occasion two Spanish friends were having a crafty illegal drink in one 
of the local taverns when it was raided by the local police. Once in Police 
custody the interviewing officer asked one his name -
" Francisco Franco" he replied. (By way of explanation, Francisco Franco was 
the President of Spain until the Monarchy was re-instated, and was the father 
of the boy)
The policeman did not believe him until he proved his identity with a call to 
the Spanish embassy. The exasperated officer turned to his friend, " I 
suppose your name is Mussolini!?".
"no", came the reply, "my name is Christopher Columbus". (He was/is a direct 
descendant of the same gent!)
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