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RE: Minoans in Minnesota

Thanks Bill for drawing our attention to areas of investigation that we
would not tend to look at.
Another fine book comes to mind; Titled 'America BC; Before Columbus'.
Again we should start to accept and realise from the reminders from Niven,
Bill and others that there was continual travel to the Americas over a very
long period of time.  In many ways the glyphs and stone carvings are the
keys to those long ago journeys.  They contain the messages from their
makers that were intended to tell others passing by them in the future
(allowing for weathering).  Their stories are meant to be told!  Why some of
us assume they are fakes or anomalies begs common sense.  However, there
seems to have always been resistance to bettering our view of the world and
accepting that the historical picture that is cherished by academics so
frantically, is a fragile and incomplete model.

Prince Henry Sinclair provides an excellent example.
We should be brave enough to test the limits of what we assume is fact.  You
might be suprised.
If I your curious follow it up, look for information on American glyphs and
their translations; plenty on the internet and in books.

Regards to all
Bruce Carlyon
Melbourne, Australia.
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