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RE: Rex Deus and the Flight of stairs?

> Dear Rory,
	Firstly, I have read the first 10 chapters of Tim's joint work; 'Rex
	An easy read, that does not skip on the details.  A rare combination
in books.
	The topic is the continuing and connecting family vines of the 24
Temple priest families, that perpetuate and organised themselves through the
crusades/templars/Cistercians etc.
	The book provides plenty of new details for those with a good
knowledge of these groups.  Write more when I am finished.

	Flight of Stairs
	The last message I received about the path or road subsiding was
	Why is the path no longer used?  Where is the path?
	Though not a whisper has come forward or provided any further
	So no one actually knows who provided the article below or on what
basis they made it on?
	The originator referred to cousin Niven!
	Sometimes silence tells me more than the answers.
	I realise Niven is currently extremely busy, but this is reading
like an old clan update.

> Thankyou for your reply.  
> Mystery Steps near Keep at Rosslyn Castle from Article: A Sinclair Movie:
> Fall 1990 Yours Aye 
> A newly rediscovered stone, in Rosslyn Chapel reflects that William was
> Master of the Priory of Knights Templar of Scotland.  Recently, rains have
> opened a fissure in the vicinity of the Great Keep of Rosslyn Castle.  The
> fissure has revealed stone steps descending underground.  They do not seem
> to be worn.  Cousin Niven is working with excavators to investigate these
> stairs.  They do not appear on any plans of the castle.  "Templar treasure
> or English Bones," only the future will reveal this. 
> Regards
> Bruce Carlyon
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