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Re: sinclair-digest V2 #180

Dear Clan Friends,

Joe Greigg has some really cogent thoughts. (Cogent: appealing to the mind
or reason.) A joy to read. I've selected a few as a reminder and then added
a comment supporting his thought and mixing in a few Sinclair oddments. I am
not pushing one form of religion here; I hope I'm within the format for this
list. I'm referring to a few spiritual dynamics but I'm trying to avoid
being "religious" in doing it; I'm not trying to bash any sacred cows and I
ask that you cut me some slack where/if I need it. Thanks.

(Extract from Joes' comments:)

"The day will arrive , sooner I think than later  , when the advances in
electronics will allow voyages in or throughout the Quantum Sea with the
concurrent instantaneous creation or transportation of our very essence into
virtual realities or into places or times foreign to where we perceive
ourselves to be actually located . When those same capabilities allow for
our very thoughts to create worlds or universes, what will we have become

"Our family legends have it that we are descended from Odin ( Norse) and
Heracles (Scythians). When our mere thoughts can create worlds, what will WE
have become ??

"Unlike Gene Rodenberry's other great classic " THE QUESTOR TAPES " we have
no guide to travel the voyage we are on to assure a successful outcome other
than " We Ourselves ".

"I would hope to number those of Sinclair descent  among the leaders of the
voyage who would set an example worthy of imitation in all that we do?

"The Sinclair Motto "Commit your works to God" may have been much more
prescient than supposed - as Niven has indirectly stated, we are one with
the Green Man of Rosslyn."

As a minister and mystic (I have to identify as both in today's context) I
wish to both support Joes' ideas and add a note. Scriptures and myths of the
major religions go deeply into creation dynamics touched on in Joes'
comments. If I had to boil them all down to three words, as a trinity
driving the creation process I would select "Satchitananda" which translates
as Life (sat), divine Intelligence/Mind (chit) and absolute Joy (ananda). I
believe that the Sinclair Arms/shield reflects primal creation formats, as
well as the Motto. This is my interpretation, "cosmos according to Buehler":

1. "Life" comes from divine Source as "God" but from the UNmanifest God
beyond light and angelic realms, the Un-named One. This is the black color
as the engrailed cross. My comment: reality, life SOURCE is found beyond
thought, knowing, electronics. "Truth" can be downloaded into a system
...truth for that system. Truth becomes, as in the word "Elohim" a synergic
unity of all divine souls in resonance with a divine harmonic of universal
accord, but the only valid source comes out of the divine essence beyond
knowing. "Thought" is way down the laddered levels of mind.

2. "Mind" is gnosis or "knowing" which can use thought to explain what's
already known. Thought organizes energies and related concepts...
structures... hopefully in keeping with the divine flow that is creating
whatever is coming down. Sacred geometry is a schematic for this organizing
process; its a grid for organizing or knowing energy and consciousness
relationships. But this organization has to also interact with the other
basic "two": Life from Source as well as Grace (ie the "Joy" noted above:
harmony). In the Sinclair shield we find that the interface between the
"Black" (Unmanifest God: "Selah" in Hebrew as well as a few other names for
No-thing) and the "Blue-Silver" is a geometric format, the so-called

I believe that it is the Grail. Everyone has an idea about what the Grail
is, all valid. As a bottom line my own basic description is that the Grail
is a divine system for sustaining and regenerating Life from divine source
within a field of Grace. In Hebrew the word "dowd" (David) means: "love,
cauldron", ie the grail archetype. The sacred geometry building the form(s)
is found in the "Bethlehem Angle" of 26 deg, 18 min., 9.7 sec. I submit that

the "cups" in the engrailed cross use this angle to form the basic vesica
that is the first and manifesting system creating form ...ie the various
descriptions Joe came up with. But these dynamics built into the interface
system (grail) involve generating light at non-physical levels, then
nonlinear time continua at varying levels and all from out of the Void or
Unmanifest. Our present collective view of reality and time leaves much to
be desired.

3. "Joy" would be the state of being when in absolute harmony with whatever
environment is being generated. This is reinterpreted to correlate with a
state of love/divine grace ...the word is "chen" in Hebrew and there are two
other spellings of chen to give us the three creation functions in Genesis.
When mystics experience this state of being the basic condition is probably
best described physically as blue-silver light/feeling. This is the field,
by my interpretation, of the Sinclair shield. The engrailed cross interacts
with this field as the interface mechanism with the Black or Unmanifest
Source. The blue-silver is a state of being within a field of divine grace.

4. "Commit Thy Works to God", to me, means that there is a separation
between "works" and "God" that becomes a unified field through intention or
the committing. The "works" would relate to the creations by Mind: as Joe
well described, but "God" must be "nazir (nazireth)": separate ...so Holy
(set apart) that there is no connection as a creation field. "How can
anything (so) good come out of Nazireth?" (John 1:45-51) This gets into a
science of connection which also relates to the geometric ideas, too complex
and lengthy for this email comment but it is possible to unify the two
absolute extremes. The Shields' several dynamics provide a format for doing

5. The Cock in the Arms: I will address this since it is part of the system
but won't go into as much detail as is there. There are two large ideas: (1)
the Chanticleer or "Clear/Clair Song" dynamic of using sound and/or light
harmonics coming out of the Silence (Unmanifest), ie the dawn from night.
This is a creation science also basic in Genesis. (2) The cock fertilizes
the brood hens' eggs. "Lyn/linne" in Scot Gaelic means "brood hen, brood of
12, line, lion" and a few other things also important in creation process.
"Ros(e)lyn" or the Rose-Line (of 12) keys into formats built into many
temples and other grids related to the "Rose" or grail environments. Again a
large science. Just as an aside: one would wish to cant the Shield at the
Bethlehem Angle relative to the vertical axis of the Cock superior to the
Shield. There are other elements in the Arms that are also important but
these above are the major ones that describe the Clan.

Summary quick statement: the email dialogue... John's project... might be
viewed symbolically as the Chanticleer "sounding"... what is said is created
as Joe has noted. But the base for the "sounding" should be divine Essence
(the Unmanifest of the engrailed cross), be the blue-silver field of mutual
respect based on love, and the exchange of ideas as something coming out of
the grail. That can be very mundane or very holy, so long as it is done in
the spirit of comradeship or the "Spirit of the Clan" as it were. I
personally like to think that an American addition to the process might be
about two fingers of Kaintuk JD and a good sea story (I'm about 10% priest
and 85% sailor).

"...The Clan, God bless it!"
William Buehler

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