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Minoans in Minnesota

From: Lena A: Subject: Re: Leif Ericsson and such...

Lena noted: "Did you by the way know that runes (the viking alphabet) was used as late as in the 19th century... in North America!"
There's an interesting little book just published: THE ANCIENT MINES OF KITCHI-GUMMI by Roger Jewell. Published by Jewell Histories, Fairfield, PA; about $12. (Ph 717 642 8342 if interested in ordering one.) Roger has gone to some effort in correlating Cypriot/Minoan glyphs in the Lake Superior area re copper mining about 2400-1200 BCE. The book looks at people of the time, ships, motives as well as the language of American natives and similarities with the ancient Med. cultures. Roger doesn't have any degrees past the usual college education but he was a professional forester in the US National Forest Service, saw much of what he's writing about. He doesn't mind at all if he defies the usual academic position about ancient European incursions into middle America.
Bill Buehler