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Seems to me that a lot of people are wasting a lot of time and
band-width on getting upset over what, so far as I can make out, was
an innocent slip of the finger, mis-sending something in traders'
shorthand that those not in the know misinterpreted as insult or
threat--and it's snowballed from there.  (Or maybe I'm naive and I've
missed something to which I should have taken offense. Or maybe the
long acronym came *after* something that has been interpreted, at
least by some, as threat/insult/attack.)

In any case, I think it's been made clear that the vast majority of
folk on this list wish it to remain a friendly and polite forum for
exchanging information and ideas--so maybe we can have an end to the
matter?  (And if anyone truly is intentionally insulting or otherwise
offensive, let the owner of the list step in.  We gotta play nice,
guys, or it's no fun for anybody.)

As a personal aside, I'd like to see folk being a little more careful
about deleting all the extraneous headers and footers, when replying
to a thread.  I find having wade through all those repetitions far
more annoying than anything anyone has said by way of true comment,
even if some comments are occasionally caustic or at least
ill-thought-out.  All ya gotta do, guys, is make the extra stuff
black--highlight it--and then hit the Delete key--putting it in
absolutely basic terms for folk still getting the hang of computer
technology.  (We all had to start sometime; this technology didn't
even exist ten years ago.)

'Nuff said.  Katherine now jumps down off her soapbox, in hopes of a
little less angst on the playground.

Regards from Katherine in Ireland,
who usually lurks quietly but nearly left the list herself a couple of
weeks ago

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