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Re: Friction

Dear Katherine:
Having dutifully clipped the headers off this reply, let me say :
1: that a frisson of excitement ran up my back at the thought that Adam
Sinclair had been watching us incognito.  (For those who think this is too
cryptic and arcane, Katherine Kurz is the author of many books, a trilogy of
which was devoted to the exploits of Adam Sinclair, a dashing hero if there
ever has been one, and the secrets of the crypt at Rosslyn, Templars and
derring-do.  I have read the books and I, for one, can say that Katherine
did her home work and the books contain no glaring howlers of inaccuracy and
are a rip-roaring good read.  The Trilogy is called the "Adept" series.)
2: that I was bothered that we nearly lost you without knowing you were
3:that I wonder what it was that made you nearly leave us: ennui?, lack of
time?, lack of interest? or something more active such as offensive (in one
way or another) material.

thanks for your offer of sane and sober second thought but the little I know
of about  the problem with respect to "friction", is that that the incident
to which you  refer is tangential to the real problem which is occurring
off-line and out of sight.  I have been made aware of one of these
communications and it is completely beyond the pale of acceptable behaviour
private or public.  John's quandary is that he feels, at least one step
removed, responsible for getting these people together and  the only
acceptable outcome for him is for this to stop completely and totally.   I
concur with his feelings.

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