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I am prompted by a recent topic of interest on the list to add these 
obervations .

The internet will become perhaps the greatest discovery or tool for man since 
the discovery of fire .

Like mankind's first experiences with fire , there are those on the list who 
will merely err occassionally and who as a conseqence of " burning their 
fingers " will learn more educated behavior .

There are those who will use it to " Burn at the stake " those with a 
different point of view (perspective ) or those who are otherwise different 
in some manner .

Finally , there are those foolish enough to set fire to their house ( the 
list ) . I sense that is where we are now ?? 

John Quarterman , the builder of this house ( list ) has , like the wise 
elders of African tribal legend , followed the proverb " Much silence makes 
mighty noise ".

Now , however , he is faced with the question of enacting a restraint on 
those who would bring the fire into the house with reckless intent .

History provides examples of appropriate responses :

(a) Casting out into the darkness ( Biblical )
(b) Banishment ( Medieval )
(c) Shunning( societies )

The effect is the same - a restraint of inappropriate behavior and to 
discourage its imitation .

John proposed the following option :

"2) I can remove from the list anyone for whom I have evidence of threats 
against anyone else on this list. "

I see this as a well thought out and appropriate response . I might 
cautiously put forth the sugestion that an optional response might allow for 
a 90 suspension for a first offense that could be characterized as an 
emotional reaction as opposed to a malicious attack ?  

As we all become more highly educated , formally or informally , we all will 
tend to become more tolerant of others viewpoint or beliefs .

" Truth " is , after all , only our perception of reality .

Some of the responses to information ( beliefs and ideas ) put forth on the 
list, have heretofore been to kill the messenger ! ( ROMAN ).

We need look no futher than our own legends to see that the truth is not 
welcome .

Thomas the Rhymer , aka Thomas Learmont , was cursed by the Queen of Faerie  
to always tell the unpolished truth in the mortal world - he had no recourse 
but to return to the Good People !!

We are all on a Voyage of discovery like our Viking ancestors of old .

Our ship is the internet and we cannot predict who we will meet or where the 
currents will take us !

Like the great Gene Roddenberry classic STAR TRECK , our mission is  "" To go 
where no man has gone before "" .(  I hasten to say "Person" would be more 
politically correct today ) .

Few of the list members or for that matter internet users in general have 
even a vague idea of the voyages ultimate outcome !

Philosophers have long " proven " existence with the reasoning " Puto ergo 
sum "
( Latin ) -- " I think , therefore I am " . 

The day will arrive , sooner I think than later  , when the advances in 
electronics will allow voyages in or throught the Quantum Sea with the 
concurrent instantaneous creation or transportation of our very essence into 
virtual realities or into places or times foreign to where we perceive 
ourselves to be actually located .

When those same capabilities allow for our very thoughts to create worlds or 
universes , what will we have become ???

Our family legends have it that we are descended from Odin ( Norse) and 
( Scythians ) . When our mere thoughts can create worlds , what will WE have 
become ??

Unlike Gene Rodenberry's other great classic " THE QUESTOR TAPES " we have no 
guide to travel the voyage we are on to assure a successful outcome other 
than " We Ourselves ". 

I would hope to number those of Sinclair descent  among the leaders of the 
voyage who would set an example worthy of imitation in all that we do ?

The Sinclair Motto " Commit your works to God " may have been much more 
prescient than supposed - as Niven has indirectly stated , we are one with 
the Green Man of Rosslyn .

With the highest regard to all ,
Joe Greigg

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