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Re: purpose of this list

John and all Sinclair/St Clairs,

I've followed this list for approx. 2-3 years, and have always been amazed
at how much knowledge many of you hold.  I responded last Fall to an
arguement that I felt strongly about and though I received nice replies from
some of you, the person who so many disagreed with was not happy and felt
that she and her beliefs were being attacked.  I have not seen this person
on the list since that date.  This saddens me as no one should have to run
and hide because we don't all agree with their point of view.

There have been many arguements that I thought were out of line and as my
Uncle Bruce stated in his recent email, I just delete them.   It would be
nice if we could all accept the fact that we all have opinions and beliefs
that aren't always going to go along with someone elses beliefs and
opinions.  We should try to respect others and if we can't respond politely,
then do not respond at all.

I appreciate the work that John and others put into this list and would miss
them and this list, as I do the one that has remained quiet since last Fall,
if we were to lose them or the list due to threats or attacks to other

Neither option as outlined by John, is acceptable, as both options deprive
the family, both the good and the bad, of valuable resources, knowledge and
familial companionship.  Though, if I have any say or vote in this matter, I
vote in favor of preserving as much of the resources of the clan as
possible.  If you must do something, John, then let it be option #2.

Barb Kyler

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