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purpose of this list


It is sad that I have to say this, but it seems that I must remind
all of you about the purpose of this list.

The Sinclair Family Discussion List, sinclair@matrix.net, is for
discussions of history, genealogy, family matters, or anything else
that is related to Sinclair family.

However, it is *not* for ad hominem attacks, pursuing vendettas,
or sending hate mail to other list members; not even off the list.

Now I am merely the guy who maintains the mailing list.  So you may
be wondering what do I have to say about anything anyone sends off
the list.  Well, in my mind, it's like this.  You're all chatting
in my living room.  If one of you then goes outside and is followed
by another who makes threats, I don't like that.  That's not what
I am running this list for.  My tolerance is very high, but it does
not extend that far.

Therefore, I am faced with two possibilities if this occurs.

1) I can stop running the list.  This means either someone else takes
it over (quite possible), or it simply stops (also possible).

2) I can remove from the list anyone for whom I have evidence of
threats against anyone else on this list.  I will not act on hearsay.
But if anyone provides to me a message demonstrating a threat or ad hominem
attack by one list member against another, I will remove the threatener
from the list immediately.

Now it may be that (2) is not acceptable to the list members,
or to the various clan organizations, or to the Chief.
If so, speak now.  I would be just as happy to take option (1)
in that case.

This list is, from my point of view, my personal hobby.
I maintain it because I and others find personal enjoyment
in it.  I am not willing to spend my personal time on it
if it is to become a vehicle for threats or attacks against
its members.

This is a sad day when I have to say these things.
But that day has come.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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