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RE: Flight of stairs?

--- bruce carlyon <Bruce_Carlyon@syncsoft.com.au>

> ... Mystery Steps near Keep at Rosslyn Castle ...
>  Recently, rains have
> opened a fissure in the vicinity of the Great Keep
> of Rosslyn Castle.  The
> fissure has revealed stone steps descending
> underground.  

I thought this discussion on stairs at the castle
sounded familiar.  Here's what I've heard.  When I
visited there May, 1999, I met a man walking his dog. 
I think he said his name was Wally Wallace and that he
came there most every day.  He took me on a tour
pointing out many things including a back gate that
went down to some fields where horses use to be kept. 
Heavy tractors and wagons had to travel on the gravel
path in front the rental cottage to get to the field. 
A small section of the path caved in revealing stairs.
 Investigation showed that they led only to a part of
the basement that was already accessible.  I don't
remember if he said that they were filled in or just
covered over.  However, the horses were taken out of
the field and the tractors didn't go that way any

Does anyone else know Mr. Wallace and his dog?


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