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Sarah (Johnson?) Sinclair


I'm looking for someone who knows if there are any Johnson in connection with the Sinclairs.  I have a copy of inside of the old bible that my cousin(from California) sent me (his mother wrote all her grandparents and great grandparent's name down). I have this Sarah listed as "Johnson".  I just recently found more information regarding the McVicars-Sinclair.  A lady gave me information that Sarah Sinclair (b. abt. 1822 in Canada) married to Peter McVicar (b. 8-9-1818 in Scotland). I have the 1851 and 1861 w. Canada - Ontario Census. They are listed along with their children all of them born in Canada.  Their children are: Euphemia 18, Peter 13, John 11, Isabella 9, Margaret 7, Sarah 5. I also see a Euphemia Sinclair under them and she was 68 (1861 census)and born in Scotland.   They lived in Lobo Township, Middlesex Co.(outside of w. London) Ontario, Canada at that time.   I do believe that Euphemia Sinclair was a mother to Sarah. I'm wondering if she had a middle name as "Johnson" named after the mother's maiden name or something.  Does anyone know any Johnson connection with the McVicar-Sinclair clan??  I would appreciate the help.  Thanks.

Kozy Tennant 

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