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the purpose of this list - more

Dear John;
I may have missed something, but that aside, let me articulate the sentiment that "evil that men do are often forgotten while the good remains interred in their bones...." which is a variation on what gave rise to the passion of the masses in that well read play.
So your sentiment suggests a response is fitting and in order and this is an excellent opportunity to do so. I take this moment and special opportunity to do so in appreciation of your invitation. Many of my comments are attributable to the internet as well, as a new social organisim that unites us as individuals and as a social group; one of many.
We collectively and individually have been given an opportunity to access a new medium, we call the internet, and hence the world beyond our local portals. This opportunity is profound, more profound than many or us appreciate, and we are yet on the threshold of what we want to make of the new world.
We collectively and individually have, with this great potential, an opportinity as well as a responsibility; as we did with the advent of every new stage of communication.
We may communicate with our best mind and hearts, or communicate with pettiness and selfishness and focus on only the internal self, and not the external values of knowledge, betterment and sharing in love and companionship. Like the hard fought aspects of free speach everywhere, we can trangress when we cross the lines on civilility, hate and intollerance. Free speach (however construed) has limits in a free society, so acting in a liberal tradition.  We can all strive to communicate excellence in thought, word and deed.
Now I am a bit of a sticker on manners, the articulation of the golden rule and similar thoughts. which are mankinds best efforts in dealing with one another. It is what we learn in kindergarten and hopefully at our fathers knee.
In the two years I have participated on this list, I have seen maybe three "threads" which I thought were questionable offensive and in poor taste. On each occasion, I started responding off line to the one I thought questionable and never on line, explaining my concern and sharing what I thought had been transgressed.
In the first, circumstance, I made a couple of better friends after the full round table. They understood the point I made and feeligs were eventually mended. The person transgressing had not ment to and wrote in undue haste. In the second case, I suspected a hidden agenda well off the purposes of the list, and the transgressed rose above it all. I was public on my values and what I felt that the values had been crossed in the way of going very personal and the limits of decency offended me. Simply I then spoke up publicly, after starting privately. The third instance was someone who was perhaps "poor in language and blunt of speech" so that sort of took care of itself. Ignorance and inablity to write, wears a clear mask on the Internet.
So save with those incidents I never responded thoughtlessly or publically off the top of my head, and all three matters resolved with in a reasonable time period. All that said, let me respond to the manners and politeness we would have, if any of us were in a certain living room in Austin Texas. We would be accepted with open hearts and open minds and warmth of friendship. And that is reciprocated in emotions I am sure from all the locations you are aware of around the world. 
 So our friend John, I lift up my glass and if necessary, my sword for you with the following public appeal.
  • If there be differences well, .... that be fair; honest and shared in respect,
  • Be there differences that are personal, take it elsewhere, this is not the lodge or forum for you or others at that time,
  • If you can not adress the differences in civility, and kindness, caring for your brotheren, that you will be outcast from those that consider themselves fit and proper in a society of men that regard honour civility and virture above all else.
May we Commit our work(s), our words and efforts to God" and may God in turn care for those given this fantastic opportunity to share on this list. May our hearts be guided in a positive fashion, and the sharing be mutual.
John, on a personal note I thank you, in particular for the friendship, for the connectivity allowing others to share their hearts, their knowledge, and their human connections on this venue, and in your so doing I thank you for making a difference, which you have done, are doing and we pray shall continue to do so.
Yours aye;
(whith a salute to a few Texas roots in another direction)
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From: "John S. Quarterman" <jsq@matrix.net>
Sent: 19 June, 2000 1:33 PM
Subject: purpose of this list

> Folks,
> It is sad that I have to say this, but it seems that I must remind
> all of you about the purpose of this list.
> The Sinclair Family Discussion List,
sinclair@matrix.net, is for
> discussions of history, genealogy, family matters, or anything else that is related to Sinclair family.
> However, it is *not* for ad hominem attacks, pursuing vendettas,
or sending hate mail to other list members; not even off the list.
> Now I am merely the guy who maintains the mailing list.  So you may be wondering what do I have to say about anything anyone sends off  the list.  Well, in my mind, it's like this.  You're all chatting in my living room.  If one of you then goes outside and is followed by another who makes threats, I don't like that.  That's not what I am running this list for.  My tolerance is very high, but it does not extend that far.
> Therefore, I am faced with two possibilities if this occurs.
> 1) I can stop running the list.  This means either someone else takes it over (quite possible), or it simply stops (also possible).

> 2) I can remove from the list anyone for whom I have evidence of
threats against anyone else on this list.  I will not act on hearsay.
But if anyone provides to me a message demonstrating a threat or ad hominem attack by one list member against another, I will remove the threatener from the list immediately.
> Now it may be that (2) is not acceptable to the list members, or to the various clan organizations, or to the Chief. If so, speak now.  I would be just as happy to take option (1) in that case.
This list is, from my point of view, my personal hobby.  I maintain it because I and others find personal enjoyment in it.  I am not willing to spend my personal time on it  if it is to become a vehicle for threats or attacks against its members.
> This is a sad day when I have to say these things. But that day has come.
> John