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I endorse the eloquent prose and praise which Neil showers on John S. 
I would not change a single word.  I wish he was my lawyer!

John's contribution to the renaissance of the Sinclair Clan through 'his' 
List has been quite invaluable.  It has given us all a forum to express our 
views; to
pass on information about our  family history; to build up our own family 
to make new friends but, above all, to realise the glorious lineage which 
we all share.

We would not be Sinclairs if we did not disagree but, that having been 
said, let us be
constructive in our criticisms just as we should be fulsome in our praise 
-  no-one
deserves our praise more than the redoubtable John Sinclair Quarterman.  He 
has been
the catalyst which has brought about the transformation of  our means of 
with eachother.

I end with a word of warning.  If he dares to give up his central and 
essential role in
disseminating our respective views, I will personally be on the next 'plane 
to ring his

John we love you..  Do not desert your children.

Niven Sinclair

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