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Re: New Viking Research

To the Sinclair St Clair list;
I thought I would give a special salute to out Swedish cousins having read
the Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper) yesterday on new findings
by archelogists from that fine country of the Viking oddesseys. Now some of
this is to also share with Ms. Ramsay who is a fine scientist and researcher
on this list.

The byline reads; " After years of research a renown Swedish archelogist
tracks the vikings to a tine community on Nova Scotias southern tip at a
spot called "Chegoggin" just north of Yarmouth. The professor is Dr. Matts
Larsson of the University of Lund and it is his thesis that this was the
location most probable for the site of "Vineland" is in Nova Scotia. He
mentioned the descriptions in the Sagas of the Vikings Karlveni and Ericson
cira 1003. The research has been over ten years in the making. It is now the
conjecture that L' Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland was a way station for
voyages furthur south.  One may recall that the description of grapes and
meadows has baffled historians when examining the Newfoundland site. It may
be that the geography which is described in the sagas now has a spot from
which further studies may now be more productively conducted.  The museum at
Yarmouth has a stone claimed to be Viking in Origin.

Now this ties into Sinclair History with the Voyage of Prince Henry some
almost 400 years later and provides further evidence as to the exploration
routes of the Vikings were established by 1398. Now this thesis is not
without contention. Prof Brigitta Wallace of Dalhousie University has
suggested that Miramichi in New Brunswick is a more likely spot for

But worthy of note both professors contend that the Vikings did venture
south of Newfoundland from the sagas they left.

Now at the risk of treading on old ground, there is more evidence for the
voyage of Prince Henry that there ever was for the Vikings explorations
until a few dozen years ago. I sense the study is going to prove both an
interesting and informative one as we are graduually learning that the
Europeans did venture frequently to North America and I suspect the next
chapters of this pattern will probably be written in Sweden.
Neil Sinclair
Toronto/PEI/Forever Argyll

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> > I found a web address that I want to share. It is a site that posts
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> > I also found a cousin in Washington who has shared with me photo's of
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> > Here's the address:  http://www.familyhistory.com .
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> > Kathy
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