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Donald the Sailor

Here is something more from April 8, 1999
John   sinclairs@home.com

"In reference to the Donald Sinclair in my previous  note: he was known
locally as "Donald the Sailor" and traded with 2 vessels, the "Rose" and the
"Thistle," between Sarclet near Wick and Avoch in Ross-shire.  His son
William, the tacksman of Isauld Barony in Reay was assisting his father
(Donald) to load a vessel with corn for the supply of Fort George at
Sandside bay, when the natives of Reay mobbed him for putting corn out of
the country, in such a year of dearth (1760).  He fought in self defence,
and being a powerful man he killed one of his assailants (named MacKay) and
had to fly the country.  He held the farm of Munlochy in the Black Isle of
Ross until 1784., when he removed to Muirends, where he died in 1788.   His
family held that farm for 67 years...
My GF (John) had searched (1902-10) info of what his father (William) had
told him, ie. that Captain James of EIC was his Uncle...and so the
genealogical search continues into my generation and beyond)
Of interest, I have traced ancestors (other than Sinclairs) in Rothes
connected to my Sinclairs from Reay, CAI.  I haven't pursued any attachment
to Historical or Genealogical societies in Ross-shire at this time.
John Sinclair
This message was sent to Ed Brumby who near Rothes (Elgin, Scotland) who was
going to go see a local genealogist

These are old E-mail addresses but perhaps they are still OK and they might
have more information by now?


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