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radio Program

Dear readers,
   Just got a call from Myra, one of the lurkers on the discussion group.
She told me of a program "Talk of the Nation" which was in progress and was
discussing the Vikings.
One guest speaker was an archaeologist calling from L'aux Meadows and
another was from ....a museum back East.  ....William Fitz-Hugh..I think.
   A person called in to tell about his organization the Markland Medieval
Mercenary (one more word starting with "M")  They are based in southern
Maryland and built a replica of a Viking ship several years ago.  Too bad we
didn't know about them back in 1998.  But they do reenactments, fake weapons
with real fighting or real weapons with lots of extra protection and fake
fighting.  I have the phone number if anyone is interested.  Much discussion
concerning the vital role of support that women contributed to the Viking

FitzHugh spoke of the many Viking artifacts found among the northern
Canadian Eskimos which was also mentioned by Robert Wright in his book.
FitzHugh discounted the Oklahoma runes as fakes until other human evidence
of that era can be found in that area to support it.

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