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Re: Descendants of George Sinclair, 4th. Earl Caithness for Ten G ener ations.

dgiff245 wrote:

> I was looking for the father of Elias A. Sinclair M.D. of Tennessee and
> later Macon. The papers cousins had received from Jean indicated James as
> his father being born about 1775 and dieing 1810. His father was Duncan
> Sinclair born 1755 in Scotland His will was probated in South Carolina. Is
> this of any help?
>    Dorothy
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> > >Niven,
> > >   In some papers on my families genealogy Jean Grigsby indicated that we
> are
> > >descended from the Saintclairs of Rosslyn. Do you know if anyone has
> worked
> > >on that line. The names I am looking for are Duncan St. Clair
> > >that married Mary Fulton (sister of Robert Fulton-steamboat fame), and
> > >possibly a son named James. Not sure if James is his son. Thank you.
> > >Dorothy


I want to run some names and dates past you.  I'm in Canada, but "Tennessee"
a familiar bell with the research I am doing on our branch of the Sinclairs.

I have a little book called "The History of Boston Mills, Ontario" a place
where many
Islay Scots are buried, including several Sinclairs.  However, in the last
chapter of the
book, there is an essay written by Neil Sinclair who was born in Memphis,
in 1885.  "...My very earliest childhood recollections are of visiting our
Cousin Alexina, who lived in New Orleans, but who also had a summer home at
Ocean springs, Mississippi, across an arm of the Bay from Mobile....Distinctly
however, do I remember the talk of our Canadian relatives.  But Canada-at my
age-seemed so incomprehensibly far away.  It took days and days of arduous
travel to reach Canada - and maybe not even then! ....

Vaguely I knew that my progenitors came from Scotland and that in the proceeds
of immigrating to Canada, by some untoward Act of God, their vessel was blown
off course; - a number of Sinclairs perished at sea and those that were saved,
finally settled in New Orleans.  Of these, my father and his brother Duncan and
Cousin Alexina were surely in some way connected with those who
survived....(I'm not sure how the passengers on a ship bound for Canada would
be blown off course and end up in New Orleans)

The only other family links I can remember were cousins Donald, Alexander and
Marian, who lived at Cheltenham. "

I have a list of the Sinclairs who are buried in Boston Mills Cemetery, there
is a monument with the inscription "SINCLAIR of New Orleans", and another
Sinclair, d at New Orleans US, March 1845 aged 31 years".  I believe his
Neil, also perished and was buried in B.M.

There is a written family story (can't put my fingers on it) that one brother
was brought
up by oxcart, the other possibly by train, to be buried with their family in
Canada.These young men were two sons of Alexander S., and the nephews of my
Neil Sinclair.

If you think this might be a connection with your ancestors, I can give you
more family
than you ever knew you had!!

Toni Sinclair
Ontario, Can.

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