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Re: Descendants of George Sinclair, 4th. Earl Caithness for Ten G ener ations.

This book was compiled by Pete Cummings, Clan Sinclair Genealogist, prior to 
his untimely death and subsequently replaced by Laurel Feschner, my dear 
friend of Portland Oregon. Hey Laurel, what do you think about a 
Trailblazers, Pacers N.B.A. Final? The information was extracted from such 
noted books as;
1. Saint-Clairs of the Isles.
2. Caithness Family History.
3. The Sinclair Family in Europe & America for 1100 years.
4. Sinclairs of Roslyn, Caithness, and Goshen.
5. Scottish Family History.
6. The Scots Peerage.
7. Sir Robert Douglas' Peerage of Scotland.
8. Genealogie of Saint Clairs of Rosslyn.
9. The Sinclair Family of Virginia
10. The St. Clair Genealogy.
11. Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair Genealogical Quarterly.
12. Our Sinclair-St.Clair Family.
13. The Clan Sinclair Archives.

This (#13) includes over 16,000 individuals.
Although Niven seems unaware of the mentioned book, it had been inspired by 
him according to the compiler.

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)

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