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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  May 29.
   In 1889: James 16th Earl of Caithness,
   [2]Cousin of the 15th Earl.
   In 1852: David Sutherland Sinclair b., Brooks Co., Ga.
   In 1660: Restoration, of Charles II, the Scottish Parliament, and
   In 1453: Turks take Constantinople, Constantinople fell to the Turks
   After a siege lasting weeks; the forces of Mehmed II at last breached
   the walls that had stood impenetrable for more than a thousand years,
   and the city fell. With the Fall of Constantinople, the Eastern Roman
   Empire (Byzantium) ended, and with it the last piece of Rome after
   2000 years. This caused a revival of Greek language and literature in
   the west, due to refugees fleeing to [3]Venice and elsewhere. This in
   turn led to a revival of biblical scholarship, which was one of the
   contributing factors to the [4]Reformation.
   In 1418: Burgundians take Paris, Dauphin escapes Source: ToW.
   [5]Tomorrow:  May 30.
   In 1940: Dunkirk [middle], [6]53,823 evacuated from Dunkirk, bringing
   total landed in England since May 27 to 126,606. [7]First day of
   British withdrawal from Dunkirk after the fall of France. The nine
   days of Dunkirk were a withdrawal of land forces less all their
   equipment across the English Channel, following many military
   disasters in France. The German conquest of France was complete. The
   evacuation owed much to the unstinting bravery of the French troops
   fighting at the Dunkirk perimeter and to seven hundred brave small
   craft almost a hundred of which were lost in the evacuation of 385,000
   troops, more than 100,000 of them French, were ferried to the waiting
   ships or taken direct to England to fight again another day.
   In 1914: John 17th Earl of Caithness d.,
   In 1431: Joan of Arc, Burned at the stake in Rouen. Source: ToW.


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