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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  May 28.
   In 1889: George 15th Earl of Caithness d.,
   [2]Left the family estates out of the family.
   In 1291: Fall of Acre,
   [3]end of the last Christian stronghold in the Holy Land.
   In 1089: Lanfranc died, Lanfranc Benedictine monk Abbot of La Bec
   Hellouine was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury by William the
   [4]Tomorrow:  May 29.
   In 1889: James 16th Earl of Caithness,
   [5]Cousin of the 15th Earl.
   In 1852: David Sutherland Sinclair b., Brooks Co., Ga.
   In 1660: Restoration, of Charles II, the Scottish Parliament, and
   In 1453: Turks take Constantinople, Constantinople fell to the Turks
   After a siege lasting weeks; the forces of Mehmed II at last breached
   the walls that had stood impenetrable for more than a thousand years,
   and the city fell. With the Fall of Constantinople, the Eastern Roman
   Empire (Byzantium) ended, and with it the last piece of Rome after
   2000 years. This caused a revival of Greek language and literature in
   the west, due to refugees fleeing to [6]Venice and elsewhere. This in
   turn led to a revival of biblical scholarship, which was one of the
   contributing factors to the [7]Reformation.
   In 1418: Burgundians take Paris, Dauphin escapes Source: ToW.


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