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Re: comments on recent posts

>Hello all, a few comments on some of the comments on the list. First,
>recent genetic research indicates NO evidence other than what you can
>see for the concept of "race".

How do you explain sickel cell anemia, then?

Nonetheless, it's difficult to find clear lines between races,
and most attempts to do so have been for administrative purposes.

For example, the classifications used by the U.S. census, if I recall
correctly, are white, black, Asian, Native American, and hispanic.
Hispanic is clearly neither a race nor founded on genetics, and the
determining characteristic for census purposes is possession of an
Hispanic surname.

Such distinctions appear to me to be of less use in daily life.

>All are brothers when you get
>right down to it. We should act that way too.

Has anybody objected to that point?

>Drinking: at the risk of starting a skirmish here, Glenlivet (plain, no
>ice, no soda) is without a doubt God's gift to man. Was it Socrates
>that said, "Everything in moderation"? A good Kentucky Bourbon comes in
>a close second.

Real whiskey starts with Laphroaig and continues with Highland Park....
(I'd better duck now.)

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