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comments on recent posts

Hello all, a few comments on some of the comments on the list. First,
recent genetic research indicates NO evidence other than what you can
see for the concept of "race". Skin color, size of nose, height, etc.,
are all more variable within a "race" than between "races". I wish I
could quote the source on that, but I'm on vacation (holiday for you of
Commonwealth countries) in Massachusetts, "New England", USA. The
stranger sitting next to you in a restaurant apparently of the same
"race" is more different than you are than another "race" as a whole.
We are all 99.9% the same in our DNA. All are brothers when you get
right down to it. We should act that way too. (Off my soapbox now!)

Drinking: at the risk of starting a skirmish here, Glenlivet (plain, no
ice, no soda) is without a doubt God's gift to man. Was it Socrates
that said, "Everything in moderation"? A good Kentucky Bourbon comes in
a close second.

One of my ancestors came from somewhere in the British Isles ca. 1650
on a cattle boat to the American Colonies (a.k.a. the USA) due to
religious persecution. I wish I had more of that story, but that's all
my mother can discover. Again, since I'm not at home, I don't have the
name at my disposal. So, I might have a little bit of Scot's blood in
me somewhere.

Here's wishing all a good day, and drink a wee bit of Glenlivet for me
until I get access to it when I return home to Michigan or visit a
watering hole here with my friends.

Ken DeBusk

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