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There's never been racial cleansing, we've had ethnic cleansing

Dear Jean,
The primary application of the concept of race is the sub-population of human species.  People are different.  Race refers only to genetic composition of human population.  When you speak of the interjection into the Sinclair list of racial classifications, it's in response to an Australian's comment concerning Black people.  The racial classifications are well known.  Theory there are some races that do not fit into any of the classifications  They have absolutely nothing to do with ethnic cleansing.  Ethnic cleansing normally occurs between members of the same race.  Bosnia (Caucasian against Caucasian), Christians and Muslims (Tribe against Tribe), The Holocaust (Caucasian against Caucasian)...  I fail to see how anything could possibly be regarded as racist by classifying people by their racial characteristics.  There are some groups of people who fail to reach to fit any of the 5 racial classifications. 
All of the racial cleansings are in fact ethnic cleansings.  I find that, in passing on the information of Blumenbach, we're simply recognising there are simply different races of men.  The P.S. on the bottom of my message is followed by the internet symbol for tongue-in-cheek.  I do not believe in any race being superior to another or that whiskey is necessarily a good thing.  I notice in Sinclair, Peter (SINP) that he's talking about nationality, which has nothing to do with race.  Anthropologists today define people more by geographical or social criteria than by race.  Racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural origins are more or less independent of one another.  Random factors contribute to the fluidity of races.  These are simply milestones in the long history of man.  Intermarriage between races and subsequent interbreeding produces more often than not, characteristics of a mixed nature. 
Perhaps if we didn't think of ourselves by geographical distribution but rather as members of a common family sharing the brotherhood of man under the fathership of God, such atrocities as the ethnic (not racial cleansing as you cite) would not occur.
As ever,