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Re: sacred geometry

Hello everyone!  Did you miss me?  You all had to be waiting for my 
big-mouthed input on this topic since I irritated so many of you over Pohl!

First, Rory, I would like to point out that though you are Canadian, you 
still have a 4th of JULY.  You don't have US Independence Day.  Send me 
Bushmills :)

Now to the Sacred Geometry thing... Wasn't it on this list a few years ago 
that I met a mathematician who specialized in studying sacred geometry?  If 
not, it was on the archaeology list I subscribed to at the time.  Anyway, he 
sent me his web address and there is considerable information out there on 
this subject.  It is a real field of scientific inquiry.

However, to address Ken's statement, it doesn't matter whether one believes 
the subject of sacred geometry.  When one is studying motives and behaviors 
as expressed in the historic architectural and archaeological record one 
must try to understand the knowledge and belief system of the individuals 
under study.

When I was doing archaeology, I didn't need to believe that the human 
sacrifices of the Maya actually brought about a fantastic harvest.  I only 
needed to understand that the Maya felt that way.

Studying the Chapel in these terms makes perfectly good sense.  Sacred 
geometry was/is very important to such groups as the Masons.  They built the 
Chapel as they did every other religious structure in Europe.  Their beliefs 
have a much greater influence over the construction of that building than 
Prince Henry's voyage or even the sponsor of the project.

For those of you who know my skepticism over the whole carved corn thing and 
wonder how I can accept sacred geometry so willingly... Sacred geometry is a 
know fact.  The Masons are a known group. Accepting that they influenced the 
Chapel's construction is easy.  As to the the voyage to North America, yes, 
I can accept the fact that it was possible, I can accept the fact that it 
was even likely, however, my problem is with the rock structures and items 
being the only "evidence".  Rocks can't be dated.  Marks on the rocks and 
rock structures can be fabricated by modern people.  To make me a believer, 
I want a European femur, or a European trade item in situ with an aboriginal 
inhabitant's grave of the right time period, I want information that can't 
be faked.  I want known facts rather that supposition.

Sacred geometry is a known fact not a supposition.

Now I'll be quiet...talk to y'all later :)  Darwin

P.S. As I was reading this I found I wrote about scared geometry...please 
forgive me if I missed any of those.  Geometry shouldn't be scary!

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