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Not for the first time I find myself agreeing with the sentiments being 
expressed by
Bruce from Australia.  He is an adopted Sinclair.

If we are ever to discover the many mysteries about the World we live in, 
we have
to clear our minds of preconceived ideas so that we might have the vision 
to see,
the heart to feel and the courage to explore.

Henry Sinclair had these qualities.  He combined courage with compassion; 
with action.  He was one of the most powerful men in 14th Century Europe of 
his Venetian admiral said:

			"If ever there was a man worthy of immortal memory,
			it is this man because of his great courage and goodness"

His grandson, Earl William Sinclair, was one of the illuminati of the 15th 
He was widely read and widely respected.  He built Rosslyn Chapel which has 
described as an enigma in stone but, for those who have the eyes to see, 
there is
a clear message chiselled out in the sacred geometry of those very stones.

Earl William knew about the essential balance between Man's physical and 
needs of which, I am thankful to say, there is a new awakening in the World 

He also knew that God and Nature was ONE.  The real heresy was not in any
challenge to the authority of Mother Church but in the damage which Man, in his
arrogance and ignorance (which are just different degrees of the same 
thing) has
done to Mother Earth.

As for sacred geometry?  Let us look no further than the World itself.

Niven Sinclair

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