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Re: Attention All "Sinclair" Women

Well Cindy,   For starts we have the story of Queen Emma who was twice queen of England.  It was in the recent Yours Aye publication.   She was the sister of our ancestor Malgar/Mauger Ct. Of Mortain & Corbeil.  Charts showing the relationship are at www.clansinclairusa.org  History Link and choose "Norman Years" link.
    I also believe that Prince Henry's mother should get a lot more credit.  She probably was responsible for teaching him Danish and Norwegien and telling him the tales of the Viking raiders and explorers.  She must have helped groom him for the Earlship and of course became widowed with younger children to take care and of when husband, William went off to his death in Lithuania. 
 I very much credit Frederick Pohl for making Prince Henry's wife come alive in his book Prince Henry Sinclair-His expedition to the New World in 1398   Frederick gives us more insight into the courting customs of that day than anyone I have read.   Of course Henry's wife was not a Sinclair but we inherited equally from both of them what we are today. 
     I think if we dug a bit that Eleanor of Aquitaine was descended from old Rollo because one of his daughters married into that family and thus a distant cousin to our St. Clairs in Normandy.   Read Eleanor of Aquitaine and the 4 kings.   She married the king of France, went on the 2nd Crusade during which time she took up with a distant relative of hers in Palestine.  King Louis II had to abduct her and take her forcibly on to Jerusalem.  By the time they got back to France, he had had enough of her and divorced her, keeping their 2 children.  Very soon she married Henry of Orange who became King Henry II of England.  Their two sons Richard the Lionheart and John made up the other 2 kings in the title.   But she did much to keep the kingdom together when the men were at each others throats.   Imagine, in her 80's she rode down to Castille, picked up a young granddaughter and brought her back to France to marry King Louis III eventually.  By the way her daughter Joanna was queen of Sicily and daughter Eleanor queen of Castille.   Joanna went on the 3rd crusade with brother Richard.   You will really find that mother Eleanor was a woman of her own mind and that is why her husband locked her up in a monastery for years.  From this wierd family we got the movie "The Lion in Winter".   Eleanor was played by Katherine Hepburn
You may be really looking for more modern stories but at least these indicate that we Sinclair (without the name) women had potential also.   John Knox's mother was a Sinclair.   Surely she is someone to learn about also.  Maybe she was like John Wesley's mother.   People write much more about her than her husband.
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2000 2:26 PM
Subject: Attention All "Sinclair" Women

And I don't mean just women who currently use the surname Sinclair.
I for one, am a true Sinclair female!  Are there no others?
There must be numerous stories regarding famous Sinclair women!
It would be wonderful if a few of you great historians would share your knowledge.
Not that I mind a good "mud slinging" myself, but girls lets get a REAL discussion going here!
Surely our ancestors did more than bare highly intelligent children and bake great bread!
(No conceit in our family - Can you tell that I am Donald H. Sinclair's daughter yet?)
Hope to hear from you soon!
Cindy L. Woodson