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Rosslyn Chapel

Dear Rory:
Good common sense letter!  I believe the difficulties involved and influential pressures needed are well understood.  This project will take a long time and require a great deal of goodwill with much political lobbying.  If the Sinclair Clan worldwide can get their act together (many thousands are not computer literate yet), and recruit a trusted core of people to raise a great deal of money required to reclaim Sinclair assets.  Sinclairs may be a little crusty and cantankerous, but treated with respect and convinced of a "Sinclair Cause," they will respond from their pockets.  In looking at Rosslyn's Page, it looks like the Chapel Association is doing a good job of maintaining our Sinclair Church.  Do you know what The Earl of Rosslyn's real name is?  When all the trappings of the old world are pushed aside, or how he acquired the paper title to the Sinclair Rosslyn Chapel?
Donald H. Sinclair