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Creative Sinclairs of all ages

Dear Brethren, Clan members, associates, genetic relatives and readers of the list,
The Nosshead website has opened two new "windows" that show life outside The Niven Sinclair Study Centre. One is designed for children aged twelve or under and presently features the recently born highland cow that needs a name. If you can come up with a suitable name and are young enough to enter the competition, we would be pleased to here from you. The second page is open to creative Sinclairs of any age, who can write an amusing caption for the first meeting between the new calf and the Nosshead sheep.
If you have a sense of humour and a creative mind you can find the pages on the Nosshead homepage under "Children's" and "Captions" at http://www.girnigoe.co.uk
Best wishes,
David Sinclair-Sherratt