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Re: From Jean Sinclair

Dear Jean, I sincerely meant no offense to you personally, I am very new to 
this list,  of which I am enjoying very much. I am trying to learn about my 
ancestry as well. I am having trouble getting started, don't exactly know how 
. I have made many inqueries to no avail. I am very proud of the few 
organizations I do belong to, a few that have passed from generation. Masonic 
mainly, I am a fifth generation of Eastern star, and my son is the eighth 
generation of masons in our family, from scotland, so I am told. The same as 
my Husband, Scott Sinclair he is the fifth with masonic ties in his family, 
his father hails from Greenock. If you can pass along any information to aid 
in my search it would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all who will be 
attending the gathering.                                                        
    Sincerely Laura Lee Sinclair
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