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Re: From Jean Sinclair

`no. I really think you missed the gist of that one...I am a founder of the
East Coast Music Association, The Nova Scotia Cultural Network, The African
Nova Scotia Music Association, The Atlantic Animation Group and more...I'm
not a musician, Black, an animator, or very cultured...I have been a member
of Tourism Industry Associations, other Cultural Associations, Film groups,
Biz Groups, and many many more...

    Organizations can be fine for constituents, but some few are constantly
in the position of being drained by them, their members and their demands,
not to mention the petty politics, uninformed opinions, and downright stupid
decision making on the part of Board members who really haven't a clue how
to govern themselves, much less a constituency...you can get a little

    not all organizations function well at the top, not all members are
informed and understanding of the organization they join, and not all
organizations are bad either...

        hence my membership of the NS & (guilt by association) Canadian Clan
Sinclair...and this list...

    I was just pointing out that not everyone is a joiner, or should have to
join...I just wanted some people to appreciate the work that is still done
by a group, while the constituents are not paying attention...Sinclair's
everywhere, and many other people, benefit from the work of the Clan
Associations whether they are members or not.

    An organization's effectiveness depends on the human souls who run
it...plus the flexibility of the by-laws...some organizations sit around and
talk all the time without doing anything...Just because an organization has
an acceptable, or even laudable ideal, and a fancy name - doesn't make it a
good thing...just because it is an organization doesn't mean that it is
organized either, I'm sure that many organizations we can name have had dark
periods, or ineffective leaders over the centuries...

    I'm sure there have been times when the Clan has suffered from
ineffective leadership through the centuries...Heads of organizations are as
good and bad as Leaders of the Free World - and we've already had the Ronald
Reagan semi-debate and mudslinging...

            whether someone joins an organization or not can depend on
whether that organization does what the potential member wants done...some
people have their own priorities...it's not enough to tell people that they
have to join because the organization is great...some members have to have
individual needs addressed - needs that you may or may not be able to

        you'll notice I'm not a Sinclair,
                                                    rob cohn
                                                        nova scotia/cape

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